Happy 8th Anniversary Serendipity & Co.

On May 7th, 2007, a new business was born and it’s creator, Bernadette, was a little nervous yet so very excited and passionate about the new beginning of her company!

She gave it a five-year plan and put her heart and soul into each and every wedding.  Eight years later, Serendipity & Co. Inc. has marked quite a few milestones with celebrating their 100th wedding last June 2014!

Almost a year later, we happily celebrate our 8th anniversary and by the end of the month will have  successfully planned and or coordinated 120 weddings!!!

Through these past amazing 8 years, we have had the honor to meet and work with totally awesome people, from clients to vendors to wedding guests – each wedding has touched our soul and blessed us with unforgettable memories! Unbelievably, Bernadette remembers the names of each of her clients and their wedding dates! She loves keeping in touch with them and hearing about their first home or the announcement of their new baby.

It’s just been an incredible journey with hopes of celebrating many more anniversaries to come!

Bernadette and her amazing team are all so passionate about their work and give it their all. The “Serendipity Stock” as they like to call the items that they purchase or design and include in their packages to clients has grown extensively and offers a huge selection to their clients not to mention the savings of running out and buying these items themselves.